Unboxing Badass - Therapy that does what traditional therapy tries to do but fails - reclaiming the brave, bold, and badass parts of yourself you left behind as you moved through life.

Rage Therapy - in person only

Ambitchous - IN DEVELOPMENT.  You don't need motivation, you need encouragement.  This program provides a safe space for us to explore your wounds and fears, facing them, and erasing them.  Once you've done this, you can level up in ways you never thought possible.  You CAN achieve your dreams, if you're brave enough to climb that mountain of your own soul experience!

Sexy U - COMING SOON! - Courses in self acceptance, body acceptance, sensuality movement, sexual health, beauty (the non societally directed kind), and personal empowerment.

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Badassery - the art of being a badass, doing the work to become a badass, or helping others to become a badass.

Kelly McClain

The University of YOU, becoming your next best self...

a badass. 

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