What do you do with YOUR ANGER?.

As a life coach, and an intuitive person,  it has become increasingly obvious to me that so many people are angry, and frustrated and scared. Most people feel they have no safe place to vent their feelings, especially their anger.  Moreover, many women do not feel that they have a place where they can safely “lose it” without judgment. Women who express anger are often judged and suffer unfair consequences. Anger is viewed by society, and even most counselors and healers as negative and something to be avoided, but I disagree. Anger can be very healing if you harness it properly.  It should be an emotion that motivates and anchors you into action. It can be very powerful and positive! So let’s rage!

 This 90 minute session is structured but allows the client total freedom of expression, with the end goal being a true cathartic release of unexpressed anger. Clients often leave feeling somewhere between “so much lighter” to “elated”.  My goal is for every client to leave feeling empowered, strong, and loved.

Badass Whisperer

RAGE THERAPY for women - a different kind of therapy
30 minute interview
20 minute rage
15 minute nurturing
15 minute energy clearing and chakra balancing

​Regularly $180
Spring Break Special: $120

 Kelly McClain... 


In a Rage Therapy Session, we will first establish our own connection and safe zone, boundaries and personal needs. This is a reciprocal agreement because I will be receiving your anger and emotions, which can be really heavy energy. I will have prepared myself energetically for our appointment, but there are some basic “rules of engagement”.  After we’ve established what and whom you are angry about, we will have some discussion about how you’d like your “rant” to be structured. Should I be silent? Do you need validation and affirmation? Do you want to script this session so you can be sure you get to say everything?

Then the rant begins.  You may yell, rant, rave, possibly make some louder and more primitive noises depending on our environment, and empty out your cup of anger completely.  Ok it is probably not a cup, it’s probably a soup pot. There’s no judgment. There are no language restrictions or religious boundaries. You can be mad at God if you want...it’s OK!

20 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, however, you will find that once you start releasing, it will move pretty easily and if you truly empty the vessel, it takes a lot of energy. More than 20 minutes is negotiable but you will probably feel exhausted. so I recommend starting with this time frame.

The next portion is defined by you.  I find that a great many women have no place where they are allowed to not be strong and in control. Most women need to cry.  This is a safe place to release that, and I recommend it highly. Ideally, if you are OK with touch, I strongly recommend some hug therapy.  Clients who are able to really give themselves to the session are often happy to collapse into some safe arms, free of any judgment or obligation and just cry and be held a little.  If that sounds totally weird to you, you probably need it! However, if touch is not comfortable for you because of past trauma or just personal boundaries, this portion of the session is used to call back your energy, slow your rhythms, and reconnect with your self. With or without “hug therapy”  I will use meditation techniques to soothe you and bring you back to neutral.

Once you are neutral and grounded in your body, we will do a special energetic clearing and chakra balancing to make sure you leave your time with me feeling much better than when you started.  

At this time, I am offering this session for women, but I am open to discussion. Because this is a private session, I do have to take certain safety precautions.  But if you are a man in need of this kind of therapy, please don’t hesistate to contact me and we can discuss the possibilities. I have other types of sessions that may suit you as well.  Reach out...it’s ok.

Unique therapy, customized to your needs, completely judgment free!